Our work to identify which countries are successful in creating economic welfare, good health, low crime and a better environment has prompted fresh ideas and inspiration amongst academics, community activists, investors, journalists, policymakers, politicians and others throughout the world.

Arend Lijphart

“The Better Place Index developed by Professor Qvortrup is an enormously valuable tool for holding politicians to account. It will be a go-to place for anyone interested in evidence-based policymaking and politics based on empirical facts”. Bio

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

“Real facts are essential for good policy-making. The Better Place Index provides a valuable tool for all who seek objective evidence on key indicators” Bio

Ad Melkert

“In an age of ‘fake news’, and ‘alternative facts’, solid evidence and objective assessments of policies is more needed than ever. The Better Place Index provides an excellent point of departure for anyone who needs unbiased assessments of policy all over the world". Bio

Commission BPI

"The more that people know what makes for a better place, the more that better decisions will be made".

Questions and Analysis

We recognise that the findings of the BPI often prompt more questions and that these questions vary depending on what use is being made of the data.

For example, you may want to know more about how certain types of countries compare to one another, or how a country’s BPI score correlates with specific factors or how countries BPI scores change over time.

We are very happy to address questions and provide further analysis, and can undertake further research on your behalf, do please contact BPI Report

The Better Place Index Team are based at the University of Coventry, UK. Responses to enquiries are from Richard Dickson and/or Matt Qvortrup.

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